Pool Responder Training for Hotels, Spa Resorts & Leisure Clubs

Pool Responder Training for Hotels, Spa Resorts & Leisure Clubs

Why is there a need for the Pool Responder ?

Its widely accepted that when you go to the local swimming pool for a swim there would be a lifeguard supervising you on the pool side to ensure you are safe.   But if you will go swimming in a vitality pool, hotel, spa or leisure club surprisingly there are not any lifeguards standing on the poolside, the pool responder is the person who is employed in the leisure club, spa resort or hotel.

People accept this and are quite happy to swim, this is when the pool emergency responder role takes over from the lifeguard.

Pool Operators must do a thorough risk assessment to identify whether pool supervision is required and be compliant with legislation to decide if their pool requires full pool supervision.

Pool Responder TrainingOf course nobody will like to use a swimming pool and swim at their own risk and something unforeseen happen. So the pool operators must have competent and qualified  employees  onsite to act in the case of an emergency.

This is where the industry guidance kicks in, the Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools or more commonly known in the industry “HSG179” is the guidance. This publication provides guidance for those who have any involvement with the operation and management of health and safety in swimming pools.

HSG 179 It states:

“113 When the pool is in use, there must be a safe system of work to identify a person in difficulty and ensure that a rescue can be performed. For example, in the absence of lifeguards there should be designated‘on-call’ competent staff, to respond immediately to deal with any emergency. They should be suitably trained and capable of reaching the poolside in time to perform a rescue and provide emergency first aid if the alarm is raised.”

What training qualifications are there for Pool Responders ?

There are two courses on the market the pool operators the RLSS UK Emergency Response (ER POOL) and STA Pool Emergency Responder  both are two day courses.

Both the qualifications are fantastic, it depends which qualification a pool operator has  identified in their Normal Operating Plan, we are in a fortunate position to have been involved for a longtime delivering both organisations qualification providing pool responder training to our clients.

A Pool Responder can be any person working in a hotel, leisure club or spa resort , the  employees who may be doing a role elsewhere and  they are able to leave to respond to an emergency.

What is involved in the training ?

Pool Responder Training

Candidates learn the required skills to recover and rescue customers from the swimming pool, they learn cardio pulmonary resuscitation and first aid.

The Pool responder training can be integrated with an Emergency First At Work qualification (EFAW) and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) qualification.

Therefore having the knowledge and confidence to deal with an emergency not just in the pool area but the rest of their facility  – the gym , spa, hotel or leisure club.

Additionally the Pool Responders can get trained in pool water testing and treatment therefore, having knowledge of the pool water treatment for swimming pools and hot tubs and spa’s.

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