Training & Covid -19

Training & Covid -19

Active Training Network Ltd as a training provider we are fully committed to the safety of learners who attend any face to face or blended learning in the  current climate with Covid 19.

Due to the nature of our training its not always possible to provide remote training due to the practical aspect of the training and assessment process.

Therefore we are ensuring we are compliant with the Government Guidelines, HSE guidelines and Awarding Organisations guidance when we are delivering our courses.

We want learners to feel confident and safe in the learning environment and gain the maximum benefit, are up to date with the current practices and what they need to apply in the workplace.

Below are the links to the guidance form the Awarding Organisations we are involved with.

These are changing all the time so we will endeavour to update the information when any changes take place.

Qual Safe Updates

Qual Safe -Providing Safe, Socially Distanced First Aid Training Version 3 – 3rd June 2020

RLSS UK Updates

RLSS UK Guidance for Swimming Pool Operators Managing Lifeguards during COVID-19 – Swimming Pools Version 1.1 June 2020

RLSS UK Guidance for Open Water Swimming Operators Managing Lifeguard during COVID-19 – Open Water Version 1.1 June 2020

RLSS UK Guidance for providing Safety Cover for swimming lessons during Covid 19 Version 1.1 June 2020 (Released 5th June 2020)

RLSS UK Guidance for Training and Assessing during Covid 2020 Version 1.0 June (Released 10th June 2020)

Swimming Teachers Association/ Safety Training Awards

STA Covid 19 Guidance Swim School Re-Opening Preparation V 20.7 17th July 2020 

STA Support and Guidance for Delivering First Aid Training during COVID-19 V 20.1 5th June 2020

Qualification Updates

Its good news for Learners ….

RLSS UK & IQL Qualifications

The  received confirmation from regulators and can confirm that all RLSS UK and IQL UK regulated and non-regulated qualifications that expire between 16/03/2020 – 30/09/2020 will be extended until 30/09/2020


First Aid Qualifications – the HSE has extended all expiry dates to the 30th September 2020

For the statement please follow this link.

“The HSE have also updated their advice regarding first aid cover, first aid certificate extensions and interrupted first aid training; please click here for more information. Also, for an updated statement from the First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP), please click here.”

If your First Aid Certificate is due  or you need to renew have a look at our first aid courses and contact us.

How to wash your hands | NHS Media

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Stay Safe