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RLSS UK Aquatic Therapy Shallow Pool Rescue Award (ATSPRA)

RLSS UK Aquatic Therapy Shallow Pool Rescue Award (ATSPRA)
  • ATSPRA One Day
     29/01/2021 - 30/04/2024
     8:45 am - 10:45 am

Event Phone: Call Today 07883 071 220

ATSPRA is a supervision and rescue qualification for therapists, teachers and support staff working on the poolside or in the water during activities such as, aquatic therapy or therapeutic exercise/play. The qualification is suitable for use in shallow pools where the rescuer will not be required to swim to perform a rescue, with water no deeper than the rescuers chest depth.

The course can also be integrated with an Emergency First Aid AT Work Level 2 Qualification and AED which require additional training hours.


To enter onto a course candidates must be able to:

  • wade in standing depth water swiftly and confidently
  • regain their feet from a face-down and face-up floating position
  • climb out of the pool unaided

To gain the ATSPRA qualification candidates must:

  • be aged 16 years or older at the time of the assessment

What you will learn

The course content covers:

Section 1 – The Teacher/Therapist, Risk Assessment, and Pool Safety

Section 2 – Intervention, Rescue and Emergency Action (with optional specialist extraction equipment practice)

Course Duration : 6 Hours plus 1 hour assessment

Optional Section – Second Day

Section 3 – CPR and First Aid (with optional EFAW and AED training)

Course Duration : 6 Hours plus 1 hour assessment

Assessment Process

Assessment for the ATSPRA takes place at the end of the course. It determines your knowledge and understanding of the principles of working in a shallow water pool and assesses your ability to apply the skills and knowledge in a work-related environment.

The assessment is split into three sections:

  • Practical pool assessment
  • Theory Assessment – verbal question and answer session with the assessor
  • Optional
  • Practical First Aid & CPR assessment

When the candidate fails they must be reassessed on the whole of the relevant section or sections they were unsuccessful in, candidates have 28 days to complete the sections which they failed.

Qualification Expiry/ Re-qualification

How to re-qualify:

Qualification is valid for two years, candidates must complete a minimum 6 hours training course plus assessment before qualification expires. Candidates who do not re-qualify must complete a course as a new candidate.

We are located in the North West are able to train onsite for clients and businesses in Sefton, Liverpool,  Merseyside , Cheshire, Wirral, Lancashire,  Knowsley, St Helens, Wigan, Southport, Warrington, Blackpool, Preston.