RLSS UK Open Water Lifeguard ‘bolt-on’ Module

RLSS UK Open Water Lifeguard ‘bolt-on’ Module
  • 18th June 2018 - 18th June 2030
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The new and unique Open Water Lifeguard ‘bolt-on’ module is the first of its kind and allows all pool lifeguards who hold the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) to develop their skills and knowledge to lifeguard open water.

Open water swimming is the fastest growing sport worldwide and due to increasing popularity, there is a risk that lifeguards without all of the skills they need maybe asked to lifeguard open water. This ‘bolt-on’ module will bridge the gap and equips lifeguards with both the knowledge and experience to keep people safe in open water.

Who should attend?

Lifeguards who are interested in supervising open water events(not coastal)

  • Open Water Swim Competitions
  • Triathlons
  • Public inland bathing sites
  • Adventure Races


They must hold a current National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (or equivalent).

They should be able to meet the following basic fitness standards.

  • Before beginning the course, candidates should be able to complete a continuous swim of at least 400 metres in pool.
  • Candidates should be able to dive to a depth of up to two metres without danger to their hearing

 What you will learn

The course content covers:

The training and assessment for the module is split into three sections:

Section 1 – Open Water Hazards

Section 2 – Lifeguarding an Open Water site

Section 3 – Practical in-water training

Course Duration: Minimum Six hours

Assessment Process

The module is trainer assessed to check that the candidate has gained,at a defined point in time, the additional knowledge and understanding and has the basic competence to operate in the role of lifeguard at an open water site (not coastal).

Candidates must pass all of the sections to successfully complete the RLSS UK Open Water Lifeguard module.

The assessment identifies a candidate’s:

  • Knowledge and understanding of open water hazards
  • Ability to apply the principles of working as a Lifeguard at an open water site.
  • Confidence and competence in applying Lifeguard skills in an open water setting’s.

Although designed as a one day course, the OWL module can be completed over a number of sessions. Candidates must successfully complete the module within 28 days.

Qualification Expiry/ Requalification

How to re-qualify:

 Its simple keep your RLSS UK Pool Lifeguard qualification up to date and the OWL remains in date….