The Changing Face of First Aid Training

The Changing Face of First Aid Training

Why has the way we train First aid changed, Online First Aid Training had been emerging as a new way of learning for people and the workforce, but this had accelerated in the recent few months due to Covid 19 , Blended First Aid learning has been accepted prior to March this year as by the HSE “Blended learning is an accepted method for delivery of first aid training, providing criteria outlined in section 23 of guidance (PDF)– Portable Document Format.”

HSE strongly recommends that practical elements of the course should be assessed by direct observation, to ensure the competence of candidates, therefore  first aid training needs to have practical elements  and demonstrate competency to it, people need to demonstrate how to do cardio pulmonary resuscitation correctly and all aspects of first aid practical skills.

Blended Learning

What is the break down of these training  courses ?

Therefore training courses can have one third of the course online and two thirds face to face training.

A minimum of two-thirds of the Guided Learning Hours (GLH) should be face-to-face classroom learning with the remainder having being completed via distance learning. For example:

  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid – ‘must’ only be delivered and assessed face-to-face in the classroom Paediatric One Day First Aid Course
  • Paediatric First Aid – A minimum of 6 GLH must be face to face classroom learning with the remainder having being completed via distance learning. For example, 6 hours distance learning and 6 hours face to face classroom delivery and assessment.

First Aid Training

Face to Face Training

Therefore  Face to Face training can take place and realistically a one day EFAW might as well be Face to Face because you would need to do the practical elements and assessment likewise with an emergency paediatric.

As a business we deliver  and are a leading provider of lifeguard training courses and its impossible to do these courses online due to the skill set which learners need to develop, we currently adhered to social distancing and ensure the learners are safe and these courses are delivered in COVID 19 secure facilities.

Yes courses can be delivered face to face to people and businesses and nothing has changed from before and learners will be safe.

Qualsafe At Home

So where do we go with First aid training, we deliver courses through a couple of awarding organisations and we can do the online zoom , teams and google meet. But what is fantastic option for blended learning the “Qualsafe at Home ” First Aid at Work  3 three day course which is  one day( 6 hours)  online training  plus  two days face to face for training and assessment, and the Two day renewal course which is  online or one day face to face for training and assessment. The advantages of this is the reduction of contact time with people under the present climate and people are working from home.

The Pre learning / online training which is interactive and continual assessment and once completed learners receive a certificate of achievement.

There are advantages to both types of courses, but this may be the new norm for the immediate future or longer.

Please contact us for more details on these course for yourself or your business.