About your Training Course Booking

Bookings may be made by e-mail, via the Active Training Network Ltd website, letter or telephone. Telephone bookings must be confirmed in writing on request. Please quote purchase order numbers where applicable.


If you place a booking within 30 days of the start date of the course you will be required to pay at the time of booking;

If your booking is made more than 31 days before the course starts, you should pay in full within 14 days of booking, or no later than 31 days prior to the course start date, whichever is the sooner. If payment is not received by the due date the booking will be cancelled automatically and the course place will be made available to other students. Details of how to pay please follow link.


Should circumstances mean that you need to transfer to another Active Training Network Ltd course then the following charges will apply dependent on notice given:

  • More than four weeks prior to course start date – first transfer no charge;
  • Two-four weeks’ notice given – 25% of course fee;
  • Less than two weeks notice given – 50% of course fee.

NB. Free transfer applies to the first transfer only. Subsequent transfers incur a minimum charge 25% of the course fee, rising to 50%, dependant on notice as shown above. All transfers must be taken within a period of six months from the original course date.


Should circumstances mean that you have to cancel your course and are unable to transfer your booking to another date at the time of cancellation then the following charges will apply:

  • More than four weeks prior to course – No charge
  • two-four weeks prior to course – 50% of total course fee
  • Less than two weeks prior to course – Full fee

NB. Cancellation or transfer must be made in writing and received by Active Training Network Ltd by the due date.


If you do not attend a course, and have not previously informed us, the full course fee remains payable and no refund will be given.

Late arrivals/missed sessions

If you arrive late for a course or are absent from any session, we reserve the right to refuse to accept you for training if we feel you will gain insufficient knowledge or skill in the time remaining. In all such cases, the full course fee remains payable.

To conform with Health and Safety Executive requirements for statutory certificates, attendance at all sessions is mandatory. All courses have a required amount of hours to complete before candidates can be put in the assessment process, these hours are set by the awarding organisations.

Unforeseen circumstances

On occasion, unforeseen circumstances may require us to cancel a course. In such circumstances you will be given as much notice as possible and either a free transfer to another course date or a full refund of fees paid.

Re-qualification courses

To be eligible to attend an First Aid AT Work Level 3 – two day re-qualification course, candidates must present a valid First aid at work certificate issued by an awarding organisation which is ‘in date’ on the last day of the re-qualification course. allow a maximum of 28 days from the expiry date of the certificate to complete re-qualification training and assessment).


Active Training Network Ltd is VAT registered : GB 226 4881 92
All Training Courses are charged at the current rate of VAT 20%

Distance Selling Regulations 2000

We abide by the applicable elements of the Distance Selling Regulations 2000.

Guidelines for candidates and employers

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that candidates are free from any condition which would affect their capability to undertake their chosen course, and that they have the aptitude to cope with an intensive course of study. We welcome candidates with disabilities, but it remains their employer’s responsibility to ensure that they are appropriately supported in their workplace.

Physical Contact, Fitness and Medical Conditions

Certain courses which are delivered by Active Training Network Ltd require the candidates to be physically fit to participate on the course. Also courses may require you to physically to work with or move your fellow candidates, therefore it is important that you please highlight prior to the course any medical conditions which may affect your ability to participate on the course. No refunds will be given if you are not capable and do not complete the course.

Prerequisites for courses

When paying for a course certain courses i.e pool lifeguard and pool courses require you to have a minimum capability to attend course, when signing up to a course you are agreeing you are capable to attend the course- no refunds will be given if you are not capable and do not complete the course.

Learning Support

Active Training Network Ltd endeavours to support candidates with learning difficulties, prior to the course starting candidates or the person making the booking should inform us of any learning difficulties, so provision can be made to assist and support the learning on the duration of the course and the assessment process, this is identified on enrolment and course applications forms and highlighted at the start of any course and prior to any final assessment.

Leaner Identification

Learners must provide photographic identification on the first face-to face delivery day of their course. The course trainer will verify the identity of the learner document but will not take a copy of the identification document.

Examples of acceptable forms of identification include: Passport / Driving licence / ID card or other form of national ID / Photographic security pass for current place of employment / Police or Armed Forces service ID / School/College/University ID card / Photographic bus pass

If a course is independently assessed the learner will need to provide proof to the assessor prior to the assessment taking place.